Finding Romance in the Everyday

roses-194110__180I retweeted this tweet in the past few days:

The era, the kiss, the sentiment (and the spectator pumps) inspired me, and got me thinking about good old fashioned romance, how to keep romance alive, and how to rekindle love and romance in a relationship, whether it’s new, old, rocky, long distance or (insert description here).

Ah, romance! We all want it; it makes us feel special, alive, warm, wonderful and more. Thousands of books, blogs, articles, advice columns and more are written about it, and yet, it often seems elusive to many. 

As an author of romantic suspense books, my characters often don’t have time for grand, romantic gestures,  as they’re often smack dab in the middle of life changing, and life threatening situations. But they are romantic – they just make do with what they’ve got.

Now, I’m certainly no expert, and I don’t know about you, but I think I’m with my characters on this one.  I’m less about big moments, and more about the little things. For me, that might include listening – really listening – after your significant other has had a bad day, or washing the dishes, or giving the baby a bath, so your partner can have a break. A good laugh ranks up there too – far more than traditional romantic standbys, such as flowers or candy. It’s taking the time or making the sacrifice in today’s busy world, where time and sacrifice seem always to be in short supply. To me, romance isn’t for someday, it’s for today, and it’s for every day, and in my opinion, that’s the best place to find it – in our every days. 

One of the most romantic things my boyfriend has done for me? When he was gone on a two week hunting trip in the mountains where there’s no cell phone coverage, it took him and his friends about two days to get there – along the way, he mailed me cards so I would get one every couple of days. 🙂

Let me hear from you: what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done, or that’s been done for you? Keep it clean!

Rebecca E. Neely is an author of stories filled with romance and suspense, and most recently, an urban fantasy series, Crossing Realms. In modern day Pittsburgh, the only hope for a clan of human guardians against an enemy draining its life force is a trio of women possessing psychic powers.

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