A Storyteller From Day One: Meet Author of Romance M.J. Compton

Today it’s my pleasure to host storyteller, and author of romance M.J. Compton. She’s discussing time management, delegation and creative solutions to getting the housework done. Author of the popular paranormal romance series featuring Toke Lobo and his wolf pack, today she’s sharing more about her most recent release, a contemporary romance with a sports theme, Summer Fling. Great to have you here today M.J.!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and how and why you began writing.

Thanks Rebecca! Great to be here. I am a storyteller. Once of my earliest memories is of waking up early and telling stories to myself about the cowboys on the wallpaper in my bedroom. When I was old enough to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom in the house my parents built, I chose one with the alphabet on it, so I could sound out words. Being a published author is the only career I’ve ever wanted. I want to give readers as much joy as I’ve received from other authors. 

Obviously, readers have a vast number of choices in books. Why do you feel readers will enjoy your stories?

My characters keep their senses of humor despite adversity; and despite adversity, families are important. 

What would you most like people to know about you, and your writing?

One of my critique partners pointed out that all of my heroines have sibling issues and overbearing fathers. My reality: I love my sister and brother. Really. No issues whatsoever. Okay, maybe my brother could be a little better about coming over and hanging my framed book covers on my office wall for me, but that’s minor. And my dad? The greatest dad in the world! 

As an author, how do you pay it forward?

I am very active in my local chapter of RWA—in fact, I’m currently the president. I also have a once-a-month feature on my blog called Work-In-Progress Wednesday where guest authors can showcase what they’re currently working on as well as promote their current releases. I also use my Twitter, Facebook, and Tsu accounts to share other authors’ news. 

What is the single best piece of advice you would give to another author about the craft of writing, about marketing, and/or the writing life?

Do not get up an hour earlier to (FILL IN THE BLANK: write/market/meditate/exercise/etc.). I did the math. You’ll end up getting up before you got to bed. Give up housework instead. Delegate. That way, when your children go to college, they’ll be the only ones on their floor who know how to do their laundry and cook pasta. 

The one thing we can all count on is change.  How do you plan to continue to evolve as a writer?

I’d like to write “bigger” books, i.e. stories with layers of complexity. 

What do you feel are the greatest challenges facing authors today?

Time management—I’m my own web mistress, promotion-marketing-public relations department, and business manager. I’m active in my local RWA chapter. I’m in a critique group. I do all my own research. I’m a wife. A mom (although my children are now in their twenties). And I work a full time Day Job. It’s a challenge.

Discoverability and turning that into sales.



Caroline Maplethorpe’s respectable life is threatened when the man who shared her secret past as a plaything to a minor league baseball team reappears with demands she’s not sure she can satisfy.

Caroline Maplethorpe spent a summer as plaything for a minor league baseball team…and oh, how Win Winston played. Seven years later, she’s respectable, and he’s in the big leagues. Now that he’s found her again, he still wants her in a major way. But their second-chance relationship attracts too much publicity, and the third member of their long-ago fling threatens to destroy the respectable life Caroline so carefully reconstructed after that crazy summer.


LOOSE ID http://www.loose-id.com/summer-fling.html

MJ Compton grew up near Cardiff, New York, a place best known for its giant, which inspired her to create her own fiction.
Although her 30-year career in local television included such highlights as being bitten by a lion, preempting a US President for a college basketball game, giving a three-time world champion boxer a few black eyes, a mention in the Drudge Report, and meeting her husband, MJ never lost her dream of writing her own stories.
MJ still lives in upstate New York with her husband. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and Central New York Romance Writers. Music and cooking are two of her passions, and she enjoys baseball and college basketball, but she’s primarily focused on wine . . . and writing.


Thanks for reading! Love to hear your thoughts.

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