Author of Romance Amy Deason: Confidence is Key

Please welcome author of romance Amy Deason today. She’s talking about why having confidence is key, the challenges she faces with promotion, and sharing some more about her debut novel, Angel in the Shadows.

1. Hi Amy! Thanks for being here today. Please tell us a little about yourself, and how and why you began writing?

Thanks Rebecca! I’m glad to be here. I live in NW Arkansas with my husband, 3 kids, and two shih tzus. I have always loved writing and reading and I knew that I always wanted to be a writer. I remember writing silly, short stories at my grandmother’s house even when I was only about 6. 

2. Obviously readers have a vast number of choices in books. Why do you feel readers will enjoy your stories?

I believe that the vastness is what makes books enjoyable. Variety is key to keeping readers interested. I think that my stories are filled with sexy men, tough women, evil villains, and tough situations. I think that these qualities might draw readers into my world. 

3. What would you most like people to know about you, and your writing?

I would like readers to know how dedicated I am to writing and how much I love to read and write. I want to share my books with readers and hope they enjoy them. 

4. As an author, how do you pay it forward?

I am a new author but even before I got published, I would write short reviews about books and authors that were interesting and I thought deserved recognition. I continue to do this now. I think that writing is a craft and that authors deserve to be recognized for their hard work.

5. What is the single best piece of advice you would give to another author about the craft of writing, about marketing, and/or the writing life?

Again, I am new at this, but I do know that confidence is key. You have to believe in yourself and your writing, even though its hard to do sometimes. Also it helps immensely if you have a great support system. Friends, family, other authors. The life of a writer is not easy. You have deadlines, edits, and promotional requirements that you have to keep up with plus whatever you have going on in your everyday life. But, difficult as it is at times, for me at least, it is a dream come true and worth the time and effort.

6. The one thing we can all count on is change. How do you plan to continue to evolve as a writer?

I intend to take every piece of advice from my editor and other authors to heart and learn by them. Also, I intend to try my hand at other genres. In fact, I have several stories started. A historical romance series, a crime series, and even a children’s book series. 

7. What do you feel are the greatest challenges facing authors today?

Wow. That is a great question. I would probably say that it would involve promotion. There are a lot of great books out there and so it’s hard to get yourself noticed among the many other wonderful authors. You constantly have to find ways to make yourself and your work to stand out.

8. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

First, I just want thank you for hosting me. It has been an honor to be here on your blog. Secondly, I just want to add that being a writer has always been my passion. I love the written word and the stories that come from an author’s imagination. It is incredible to be a part, no matter how small, of this group of people. I hope that I am able to pursue this dream of mine for a very long time.

Never Turn Your Back…
Never Reveal Your Name…
Never Surrender Your Heart…
Madison Sinclair is a smart-mouthed photographer that enjoys the simple things in life. Recently landing a job at one of Manhattan’s top imaging companies, she works hard to prove herself but often falls short of the mark. Taking pictures of the New York scenery, relaxing at home with a glass of wine, and caring for her stray cat is the highlight of her day. But when her best friend convinces her into covering a charity event thrown by a handsome billionaire, Madison’s life suddenly becomes anything but simple as she finds herself in a constant race for survival. There is nowhere she can turn, no one she can trust.
Seth Reynolds has been in the game a long time. He knows how to get in, get a job done, and get out with no complications and no witnesses. Trained to be cold and heartless, he is committed to follow through with this mission no matter what. Racing against an impossible time table, everything is in place to take out the madman intent on destroying New York City. But when the naïve Madison Sinclair stumbles into his world, all of his carefully laid plans go to hell.

Determined to do what is right at all costs, Seth must choose between the rules he’s lived by his entire life or saving Madison from a fate worse than death. If he follows orders, he will be an unsung hero, saving millions of innocent people. But if he risks his own life for Madison’s, the entire city will be in jeopardy. The choice should be easy. Risk one to save many. That’s the unbreakable code of The Perfect Order. But now, without even trying, Madison has gotten under his skin and inside his heart. With the fate of the city resting in his hands, how he can do the right thing when he no longer knows what that is?


Amy learned to read at the tender age of three. Once she started, she never stopped. Growing up, she could always be found snuggled in some quiet corner with her nose stuck in one book after another. Her desire to read soon led to her passion for writing. As a child and teenager, Amy wrote poetry and short stories for her family and friends, delighting them with her vast imagination. From child to adult, she has continued to read everything she can get her hands on. Her love for a good book knows no boundaries and crosses every genre imaginable.

Amy currently lives in NW Arkansas with her wonderful husband, Shaun, and three energetic children. But of course their family would not be complete without their two loveable shih tzus, Tucker and Dylan. Recently, they welcomed a new addition to their household, a rambunctious boxer puppy named Buck, and since then, their lives have never been the same. 

When Amy’s not working or writing, or possibly sneaking in a few quiet minutes of quiet reading, she can be found with her family riding bicycles around town, playing sports, watching movies, or taking pictures. (Although she takes so many photographs, the kids try to run and hide every time she breaks out the camera).


Thanks for reading! Love to hear your thoughts.

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