From Freelancing to Fiction: My Best ‘Crossover’ Writing Tips

I’ve been writing for 15+ years as a freelancer, and 5+ as an author. While those two animals – non-fiction and fiction – are, in some ways, as different as night and day, I’ve found they also share some striking similarities.

Today, I’m sharing those similarities, and the ‘crossover’ techniques I’ve learned as a freelancer, and how I’ve applied them to writing fiction. 

If you’re a writer, I’d love to hear from you – what’s been your experience in this arena? Are you a freelancer? An author? Both? What tips are you willing to share?

In this post, I share the tenets I’ve learned and applied over 15+ years as a freelancer, as well as what was a life changing event for me. The tenets apply equally well to writing fiction, and just about anything worth doing, in my opinion.


As a freelancer, I interviewed hundreds of people over the years. In this post, I share the techniques I used to guarantee a productive and meaningful interview, and how I applied this to interviewing my fictional characters.


We all have deadlines. As a freelancer, I never missed one. Find out what I learned about writing non-fiction that enables me to focus on the ‘meat’ of my stories, propelling them forward, and being productive.


Finally, I share my best fiction writing resources, for when I need some guidance. As a freelancer, I read scores of how-to books, and fiction is no different. These are my top two I rely on whenever I’m stuck.

Rebecca E. Neely is an author, freelance writer, lover of spoon rings, diners, the Steelers & great reads.

Thanks for reading! Love to hear your thoughts.

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