Judging a Book (or a broken hand) by Its Cover – Please welcome Author Anne B. Cole

It’s my pleasure to welcome author of romance, Anne B. Cole. Her debut novel Souls Entwined, is available at Amazon, and the second book, Souls Estranged, is due to release late this summer.

Win it before you can buy it! Anne is offering two random commenters at today’s blog post a chance to win an e-copy of Souls Entwined. In addition, the e-book edition will be on sale for $.99 from June 23 through June 29th through Amazon.com.

Anne, tell us more about your recent hand injury, and the insight the experience has given you into ‘judging books by their cover.’

Thank you, Rebecca for having me here today!

Gotta say to all of your PA readers, I’m a HUGE Steeler fan and cannot wait for the season to begin! This summer I can completely relate to football players and boxers. Check out what I did to my hand.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) I see (friend or stranger) asks me, “What did you do?” Admitting that I tripped over a curb during my morning run is embarrassing. After about the one hundredth time explaining how I was jogging across a median and tripped, now I reply, “I tried to pick up Thor’s Hammer.” Sometimes I vary it with,
“I arm wrestled Thor, and lost.”

I get smiles from those who watched the latest Avengers movie and blank stares from those who haven’t. People are curious and persistent so they ask me what I really did and I tell them how I fractured my fifth metacarpal. It is amazing how many people have broken the same bone by hitting things, punching things, or by playing football or boxing. Initially, I was to be in a removable splint for three weeks. AWESOME! I could take it off and shower or scratch my fingers or just to let my hand breathe! I even got a couple runs in since I could take it off when it became all sweaty and wash my hand. Two weeks later when the swelling went down, I noticed my pinky was turning in an odd direction when I closed my fingers. When I saw the doctor, he told me I needed surgery. Long story short, I had out-patient surgery the day before my daughter graduated from high school.

Everything went well and the doctor ended up being able to manipulate the bone back into place without pins while I was peacefully under anesthesia. I woke with another splint wrapped tight around my throbbing hand.

The doctor told me I was not to get it wet or remove it. UGH! After a week I returned to see him and I thought for sure he would unwrap it so my hand could breathe. Nope! X-ray machines take great pictures right through the splint. The doctor told me, “Two more week in the same splint and wrap, no water on it and DON’T TAKE IT OFF or the bone may slide back out of place and we will have to go back to surgery and pin it in place.”

My jaw hit the floor. What? Seriously? Put my hand in a removable splint and then tell me I can’t take it off or get it?

I told the nurse that I had to host my daughter’s graduation party in 4 days with THIS—I held up the ugly, already dirty, one week old splint. She took pity on me and wrapped the dirty parts with clean, tan colored, self-sticking, coban tape.
She also told me that I could buy more of this kind of tape at drug stores and wrap it very loosely around my splint to ‘freshen’ it up. She added that it comes in different colors.  Relief spread throughout me. It is embarrassing enough having an ugly splint without it being all gross and dirty. I drove straight to three different pharmacies and found COLORS!
The day of the party I had my daughter wrap black tape around my cast to match my black dress. When that got dirty two days later, I changed color to purple. 

I plan to be in bright blue before I go back to see the doctor. I don’t hate my cast as much as before because it looks clean and colorful.

So…what does this all have to do with writing???

Being an avid reader, I admit… I judge a book by its cover. I sometimes don’t even pick up a book because of its cover. I ALWAYS read the back cover and sometimes toss the book aside because of what is actually in it, BUT sometimes I impulsively buy the book just because of the cover!

People tend to judge many things in life by first impressions.  (I didn’t want over 75 parents and teen age girls seeing my yucky, dirty, two week old cast— so I covered it.)

As authors we have one shot to get readers’ attention and that is our cover. 
  1. My Writing Tip is for authors who are looking for ideas for cover art for their books.
  2. Go to your library and hit the shelf of you genre. Pick out 20 books. 
  3. Place them on a table and quickly select 10 just by the cover.
  4. Narrow it down to 5.
  5. Do this quickly so it is simply a first impression.
  6. Study the five you selected. Now, take your time!

What grabbed your attention? The art? Title placement? The color? The Title itself? The font? Focus on what and why you made your selections and then apply those things to your cover.

I did this at my library with my sequel to Souls Entwined and I’m excited to show the world the cover of Souls Estranged  Book Two of The Souls Trilogy.

Let me know what you think of the cover! Two random commenters will receive e-copies of my first book, Souls Entwined.

Souls Estranged is tentatively set to release later this summer. I’m excited to announce my first book, Souls Entwined is available in paperback and e-book through Amazon. The e-book edition will be on sale for $.99 from June 23 through June 29th through Amazon.com.

Thanks, Rebecca for hosting me and I hope everyone has a fun and injury free summer!
—Anne B. Cole

Souls Entwined is Anne B. Cole’s debut release combining sweet romantic suspense, time travel, and paranormal elements in a novel attractive to a wide range of readers.
In addition to writing, Anne teaches preschool and is raising three very active teenagers with her husband of twenty-three years.
With an Education degree from Penn State University, Anne began her teaching career in elementary schools. A move to Indiana and becoming a mom of three kids in three and a half years sparked her interest in teaching preschool where she has been for the last eleven years.
Anne began writing in 2010 when she realized she didn’t have a book to read during her kids’ swim meet. With over ten hours of sitting in the stands, she decided to make the best of it and flipped over the heat sheet. Ideas for a book were jotted down and the outline of Souls Entwined was born. Anne’s writing hobby turned into an addiction!
The Souls Trilogy continues this summer with Souls Estranged. Anne is currently writing the final book in the trilogy, Souls Endure with a tentative release date of 2016.
Connecting preschool teaching with her writing, Anne has written a Children’s Picture book and is in the process of possible publication. Check out her blog at www.annebcole.com for preschool activities, new author interviews, and updates on her writing. Anne loves to hear from her readers so feel free to comment on her website or write a short review of Souls Entwined on Amazon.com.


Thanks for reading! Love to hear your thoughts.

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