Keep the Inspiration Coming

I’m fresh from the Romance Writers of America (RWA) national conference in New York City and feeling inspired. In fact, I’ve got so many new ideas for stories I’m not sure I’ll ever get to them all – a most delicious problem to have.

What inspired me?

Traveling to New York, and a woman I met on the plane, Phyllis. She has a sister who has the early stages of Alzheimers disease and she was on her way to see her, hoping she would still remember her.


The rush of colors and motion and people and energy that is New York and getting to see it all from the backseat of the car, and as I roamed the streets.
The woman who checked me in to the hotel and smiled.
The woman I met at a conference five years ago, and who I had the good fortune to reconnect with, in a room full of over 1,000 people. Love you kismet.
Meeting my editor, Char Chaffin, for the first time in person. She’s as wonderful as she is online.


The amazing authors instructing the workshops, in particular, author Sharon Sala. She talked about the ups and downs of her long career, and several incidents brought her to tears. I cried along with her.
The delicious breakfast every morning. The king sized bed I sunk into every night.


The woman I struck up a conversation with in the coffee shop who’d gone to a pitch appointment, only to learn the editor was only interested in inspirational, not paranormal. Instead of fuming, and berating the process, she handled it with class, and calm.



The incredible generosity and warmth of the other conference attendees. Enter as strangers, leave as friends became my catchphrase, no matter the event – breakfast, workshop, dinner, elevator ride.


Being a part of the experience, as a whole, and being with ‘my people’.


Hearing the stories of the authors all around me, about how they’d come to start writing, what they loved, what they feared, what they hoped, AND about the stories they were telling, and longed to tell.


Feasting on NY’s best fare, including hot dogs, pizza and cheesecake.


Traveling alone and navigating the bumps by myself, getting there safely, and making it home safely.


And that’s just the short list. Too, the conference, while an amazing educational and networking opportunity, also offers for me, a retreat from daily life, and a chance to focus on the reason we’ve all come together in the first place: our love of writing. My inspiration, my joy, I hope to nurture and protect, and return to, on those days that surely will come when I’m unmotivated, or feeling down, or scared about my career. For it’s that joy, and that inspiration, that make my words come alive. Perhaps my greatest inspiration, in a nutshell, came from author Sharon Sala, who said so beautifully in the workshop I attended only a week ago: “I’m not a writer. I’m a storyteller.”
Please share – if you attended the conference, what inspired you? If you didn’t, what inspires you on a daily basis?


Let me hear from you – what are the best fiction resources you’ve found?

Thanks for reading! Love to hear your thoughts.

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