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writing-1011125__180Please welcome author of contemporary romance Renee Kelley. Today, she’s sharing some more about her writing process, and what inspires her as a reader, and writer. Her titles include Pulling Me Close and Cabin Fever.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and how and why you began writing.

I’m an avid reader with a romantic heart by nature. Growing up I had an overactive imagination. I always dreamt about being in the movies but it never panned out. My mind is constantly full of stories so one day I decided to write one of them down and that’s how it all started for me.

Obviously, readers have a vast number of choices in books. Why do you feel readers will enjoy your stories?

I want to bring something different to my stories that readers like. My heroines are often flawed, strong and adventurous. My heroes are much the same with a touch of alpha male.

What would you most like people to know about you, and your writing?

I want people to know that I enjoy writing but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. Writing can be very lonely due to hours spent in front of your computer writing then moving on to the next story. Writing can also be frustrating when you find yourself struggling with a scene. Sometimes in that moment I want to quit but instead I take a break to give my mind a rest and that helps tremendously.

As an author, how do you pay it forward?

I like helping other authors by purchasing their book and spreading the word. I do a gift card giveaway to my readers on my newsletters to thank them for their support and hanging in there with me. I’m a slow writer and I know it can be frustrating for those waiting on my next book.

What is the single best piece of advice you would give to another author about the craft of writing, about marketing, and/or the writing life?

Learn the craft first. That was my biggest mistake. I thought I knew enough to write my first book but I didn’t know nearly enough. Marketing is difficult. The only thing I can add is to try to get on as many blogs as you can. Seek out bloggers who cater to authors. That’s one way to reach part of the marketing field.

The one thing we can all count on is change.  How do you plan to continue to evolve as a writer?

As a writer I plan on evolving by constantly learning as much as I can. I need to stay abreast to what is going on around me and in the writing world. I’m taken an on-line class because I want to learn, grow and stay relevant.

What do you feel are the greatest challenges facing authors today?

To me, the greatest challenge facing authors today would be reaching organic readers and marketing. There are so many authors out now that it’s hard to be noticed. And even with marketing, it can still be hard to reach the masses.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

For those of you who want to write… Do It! If you have a story to tell, get it out and see where it takes you.

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