Meet Violetta Rand, Author & Editor with Soul Mate Publishing

Today, I’m thrilled to host author and editor with Soul Mate Publishing, Violetta Rand. Welcome!
Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and how and why you began writing.
Thanks Rebecca! I appreciate you including me on your blog. I was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, and spent my childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer. After meeting my husband in New England, we moved to Alaska where I studied environmental science and policy as an undergraduate before attending graduate school. I then spent nearly a decade working as an environmental scientist, specializing in soil and water contamination and environmental assessments.
Some readers may not know you’re both an editor and writer with Soul Mate Publishing. Please tell us what you enjoy most about each. How does each give you insights into the other?
I’m triple blessed, I also have a multiple book contract with Random House. So I juggle three jobs really. Writing is my first passion, so having the opportunity to publish with Soul Mate (where my first book released) changed my life. That contract is like your first kiss or love, that special feeling stays forever.
As for editorial duties, the greatest pleasure is reading/choosing manuscripts and writers I feel show promise. Then getting to mentor them and be part of the process of seeing that first book come to life.
In combination, writing and editing makes me a better author.
Obviously, readers have a vast number of choices in books. Why do you feel readers will enjoy your stories?
For my unique perspective on life in general. If we’re focused on contemporary romances, I write with a hard-hitting realism, and as some have said, a masculine voice. The same style carries over to my historicals. 
What would you most like people to know about you, and your writing?

I’m involved in multiple projects right now. My MC series, High Stakes, launches in December with Random House. I’m also part of a Viking box set releasing in March and another box set through my collaborative historical blog, Embracing Romance in February.

On October 29th, Kathryn Le Veque is launching her De Wolfe World through Kindle Worlds on Amazon. I’m one of twenty something writers contributing fan fiction novellas for the project (mine is Never Cry De Wolfe, a contemporary romance).

My next release is on October 20, Loving Lucas (a Lies and Leather novel) a romance about a hot cop and motorcycle racing. And finally, I have a new Viking series debuting in 2016.

So a crazy schedule, but I couldn’t be happier!
As an author, how do you pay it forward?

By making myself available to writers and readers. The best advice I ever received from a former boss—never forget where you came from. We all start on the bottom rung, so helping someone reach that next level is both my moral duty and pleasure.
What is the single best piece of advice you would give to another author about the craft of writing, about marketing, and/or the writing life?

Unless you’re doing this as a hobby, prepare to work harder and longer than you ever have. This writing thing isn’t easy. It takes talent, dedication, patience, a willingness to learn, and thick skin.
The one thing we can all count on is change.  How do you plan to continue to evolve as a writer?

By writing what I love. Hours behind the computer is the only way to grow as a writer.
What do you feel are the greatest challenges facing authors and editors today?

Accountability. This ties in with that thick skin thing. Be prepared to accept criticism from your editor, agent, and readers. If you can, and are willing to improve in the areas suggested, then you really have a chance at success.

Loving Lucas: Lies and Leather Novel
Releases from Random House on October 20, 2015
Twenty-one-year-old Karlie Augustine is a survivor. She’s smart and tough, but she’s in too deep with a bad boyfriend who isn’t above breaking her spirit—or her body. Luckily, help arrives in the form of a leather-clad, motorcycle-riding hunk on the right side of the law. Lucas Lafontaine is pure muscle, a Corpus Christi cop who ignites something primal deep within Karlie. And when he offers her room and board in exchange for housekeeping, she finally starts to feel safe again.
As their arrangement turns deliciously decadent, Lucas gets hooked on Karlie’s killer body and fighting spirit. He wants to heal the pain he sees behind her eyes, but to protect her he needs to keep her close, especially now that her psycho ex won’t take a hint. Even as Lucas fights his own battle for custody of his young son, he knows that what he’s found with Karlie is real—and that he’d do anything to protect the woman he wants to take to the finish line.


Thanks for reading! Love to hear your thoughts.

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