More Perspective, Please

pier-801761__180As the New Year rings in, many people feel compelled to set New Year’s resolutions and set goals. This week especially, there will be thousands of articles, blogs and the like published on this very topic, along with the endless stream of weight loss and smoking cessation commercials.

Having worked in corporate America for twenty plus years, I’ve had an ongoing education on goals and goal setting, S.M.A.R.T. stretch, and more. As an author and a freelancer, I’m proud to say I’ve never missed a deadline.

But I’d like to throw my hat in the ‘goal’ ring, with a slightly different angle. Goals are important, setting them, attaining them, and readjusting and measuring success. However, more important, in my eyes, is perspective. Right now, everyone is gung ho. But come February, the goals that were so valiantly set are gone, forgotten or turned out to be just too overwhelming.

Keeping perspective as we set, and hold ourselves accountable for goals is key. My overall goal this year is to set a series of smaller goals, and weigh in on a more regular basis. This I think, is the key – small successes that lead to bigger ones.

Along with that, I think, is keeping a light hearted perspective. The word resolution tends to sound so serious, and perhaps we shoot ourselves in the foot from the get go by holding ourselves to ‘resolutions.’

One of my go to resources on this very topic is acclaimed stress expert and motivational speaker Loretta Laroche. I’ve been a fan for years. She’s hilarious, wise and her talks and books are all about gaining, and keeping a healthy perspective on life – and that, I think, is the most important goal of all.

Please share: how do you plan to reach your goals this year, and keep them in perspective?

Rebecca E. Neely is an author of stories filled with romance and suspense, and most recently, an urban fantasy series, Crossing Realms. In modern day Pittsburgh, the only hope for a clan of human guardians against an enemy draining its life force is a trio of women possessing psychic powers.

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