Time, Time, Time See What’s Become of Me

Please welcome Sophia Kimble, author of Protect Her (The Druid’s Curse Book 1), her debut paranormal romance novel. Today, she’s sharing her tips on time management. 

BTW, I love the title, Sophia, for your tip–lyrics from the song “Hazy Shade of Winter”; originally done by Simon & Garfunkel, and covered by the Bangles. And, this week, anyway, in Western PA, it’s the ‘spring’ time of my life! 🙂

Without further ado, let’s hear from Sophia.

Time? Where did it go? Do you have enough? What can you do with it?

The irony of writing a post on time management is not lost on me. This post should have been done a week or more ago, but wasn’t. Sorry Beckie! (That’s okay 🙂 I do it myself!) I overextended myself, and somehow all my wonderful foolproof safeguards failed. So it’s with a humble heart that I try to give you some tips to help with something I’ve so poorly managed.


Being from the Volunteer State, Tennessee, I tend to love to give of my time. Be it helping with my kid’s school, hosting authors on my blog, or helping with really anything you need help with.

The downside is I tend to say yes way more than I should. Do I love it? Yes. Do I perhaps say yes a bit too much, and then find myself swamped with all my responsibilities? Definitely.

My suggestion to anyone struggling with time management is to be pragmatic. Carry a calendar with you everywhere you go. When someone asks you if you can help, you can check first and realistically let them know if you have the time.

Be sure to take into consideration all the things that need to be done on any given day before you say yes. Family, Friends, Work/Writing, doctor’s appointments, ect. Then account for things like marketing your book, social media and the like.

I’m not saying don’t help people out, just make sure you have time to give it your all before you raise your hand, or check that volunteer box, or respond to that email. In the long run it will actually help all concerned as you will have enough TIME to give it your undivided attention.

Just be sure to keep some time on that calendar daily for the really important stuff…family, friends, and writing. The rest sprinkle in when you can.

Sophia Kimble ProtectHer_850HIGH  Book CoverGolden Alexander is trapped in a nightmare.Trying to flee her hallucination of a demon, she runs heart first into the brooding alpha male she’s been dreaming about for years, and then her nightmare really begins.
Kris Pietka is done with women…he’s broken. But when he meets Golden, an overwhelming need to protect her tests everything he thought he knew about himself, and the paranormal.
A bond forged centuries ago thrusts them together as they search for a way to break an ancient Druid curse prophesying their demise. Racing against the clock, they travel from Vermont, to the Carpathian Mountains in Poland, and the Scottish Highlands in search of answers and a way to break the curse.
But something evil watches—it covets, and time is running out.
Will fate allow love to prevail against unbeatable odds, or will Golden wake to find it was all a delusion?

Pick up a copy today from Amazon.

About the Author

Sophia Kimble has always wanted to be an author, but for years, life got in the way. She wouldn’t change a thing about how her life turned out, though. Her family keeps her laughing and loving. Her wonderful husband and two extraordinary children stand beside her every step of the way and make this journey called life worth living.
Sophia has worked as a nurse for twenty years, but has put that career path aside to devote her time and imagination to writing down the stories that keep her up nights.
She takes her love of the paranormal, history, and genealogy, and weaves them into tales of family, fated love, and supernatural occurrences.

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