Women’s Intuition – Fact or Fiction?

eyes-394176__180I’ve always been interested in paranormal topics, and some might include women’s intuition or a sixth sense in that category. I’m a firm believer in intuition, for both men and women. However, the debate over this phenomena continues: cultural myth, or rooted in fact?

An article in Psychology Today suggests the phenomena might be rooted in social power. Through the ages women have spent more time observing those in power, (versus being in power)  and are perhaps better able to read non-verbal cues. The article also suggests that evolution might play a role – women needed to be able to decipher needs of both children and mates without words – something that still holds true today.

My personal theory is that social power and evolution most definitely play a part, as well as divine intervention. In addition, I believe we’re all connected to one another, in this lifetime, and maybe even through past lifetimes. Our emotions and feelings and lives create energy and I believe we share that energy, thus enabling us to get ‘gut feelings’, ‘read’ situations and make decisions and judgements with little or no concrete facts or evidence.

You’ve probably heard of the butterfly effect, which in essence puts forth that the mere flutter of a butterfly’s wings can butterfly-1004227__180 (1)eventually cause a typhoon halfway around the world. Same with the ripples in a pond – one stone cast in a pond causes ripples to reach the other side, and beyond. I believe the same can be said of us, and the ways we live and interact. That might even touch on Jung’s theory of collective unconscious.

When I was looking for an apartment after my ex-husband and I had separated, I needed a place for my daughter and I to live. I looked at several apartments; some were too expensive, another too small, yet another was in a bad location. The minute I walked in the door of the place I eventually rented, I knew immediately I’d found our new home. It just ‘felt’ right. I completely went with my gut on that decision, and it turned out to be the right one.

Please share – what moments of intuition have you experienced? Are you able to tap into that intuition at will? How?

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2 Responses to “Women’s Intuition – Fact or Fiction?

  • I could share countless examples of intuition kicking in. Here is one: many years ago, my then-husband and I were on a camping trip. We parked the truck and set up camp. All of Friday and Saturday, the spot where the pick up was parked bothered me. I kept saying we should move it. What if another trailer going up the hill suddenly unhooked and flies down the hill? It would certainly hit the truck. My husband thought I was nuts (One reason we are no longer married). By Saturday night, he had enough of my persistence, gave in and moved the truck to a new location. The next morning I awakened to the sound of popping and shouts and a crash. Looking out the camper window, I spotted another trailer, which had somehow broken the chains and come unhooked from the towing truck. It crashed into a tree right where we had previously parked our truck. Guess who ate crow for breakfast that morning? Thankfully no person was hurt and the owner of the runaway trailer was beside himself when he realized how close he came to damaging our vehicles. My regret is over the years, I have lost touch with the keen intuition I used to have when I was younger and wish I could tap more fully into that.

    • Rebecca E. Neely
      2 years ago

      Thanks so much for stopping by – that’s amazing, and I’m glad no one was hurt. And it does prove that intuition is very powerful. I agree – I wish I too, could tap more fully into the intuition that I know I have.

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